Brief Basketballs Classification Guide

This is a brief guide that will help to pick the best basketball ball that will be a pleasure to play with. There are different type of balls and they all have purpose, so let’s observe some of them.
First of all you need to know where you are going to play – inside or outside? Actually, it matter because of the court ground, there are basketballs designed to play outdoors and usually they are made from composite, or rubber as dust does the job and it gets slipper. As a result, it’s hard to shoot and it effects accuracy.

If you are thinking about what brand ball to get first you need to know where you are going to play. Of course, always go for the best basketball ball you can get with your budget and of course that fits you playing style and what you are going to improve using it. Let’s say you want to improve your dribble moves – your choice would be a ball with perfect grip and bounce features and so on. Now let’s observe general information about balls.


Material plays major role in on picking the ball, and of course what you are going to get and where to use it, with whom.

  • Rubber – simple balls that are made for amateurs, usually these are bought for kids to learn first steps in basketball.
  • Composite leather – it’s an artificial material created to make top notch balls, it’s even used at top leagues and has similar characteristics of genuine leather.
  • Genuine leather – these balls are used in NBA, once it was replaced with best quality composite balls but players started to complain that it hurts the fingers after using them for a while so NBA had no choice but to bring back genuine leather balls made by Spalding.


Well this is interesting, so let’s observe different ball sizes and why the things are the way they are.

  • Small balls – it’s sizes are 2,3,4,5 and they have a smaller angle and weight. They are made for children and as they grow they get bigger ball.
  • Women/Teens – they use one size lower ball from official because it’s easier to expose the skills.
  • Official – it’s size 7. Official ball of most leagues including Euroleague and of course NBA.

I hope that this information was helpful to you and now you know brief ball classification. There are many manufacturers producing balls and they compete with technology. Every year we get new models presented and keep getting better. Today still nothing beats genuine leather ball, but it only applies if you play indoor in professional court, otherwise this ball will be useless. If you play outside using not appropriate ball you won’t get good grip and other characteristics. Also, the ball will wear out quickly.