Brief Basketballs Classification Guide

This is a brief guide that will help to pick the best basketball ball that will be a pleasure to play with. There are different type of balls and they all have purpose, so let’s observe some of them.
First of all you need to know where you are going to play – inside or outside? Actually, it matter because of the court ground, there are basketballs designed to play outdoors and usually they are made from composite, or rubber as dust does the job and it gets slipper. As a result, it’s hard to shoot and it effects accuracy.

If you are thinking about what brand ball to get first you need to know where you are going to play. Of course, always go for the best basketball ball you can get with your budget and of course that fits you playing style and what you are going to improve using it. Let’s say you want to improve your dribble moves – your choice would be a ball with perfect grip and bounce features and so on. Now let’s observe general information about balls.


Material plays major role in on picking the ball, and of course what you are going to get and where to use it, with whom.

  • Rubber – simple balls that are made for amateurs, usually these are bought for kids to learn first steps in basketball.
  • Composite leather – it’s an artificial material created to make top notch balls, it’s even used at top leagues and has similar characteristics of genuine leather.
  • Genuine leather – these balls are used in NBA, once it was replaced with best quality composite balls but players started to complain that it hurts the fingers after using them for a while so NBA had no choice but to bring back genuine leather balls made by Spalding.


Well this is interesting, so let’s observe different ball sizes and why the things are the way they are.

  • Small balls – it’s sizes are 2,3,4,5 and they have a smaller angle and weight. They are made for children and as they grow they get bigger ball.
  • Women/Teens – they use one size lower ball from official because it’s easier to expose the skills.
  • Official – it’s size 7. Official ball of most leagues including Euroleague and of course NBA.

I hope that this information was helpful to you and now you know brief ball classification. There are many manufacturers producing balls and they compete with technology. Every year we get new models presented and keep getting better. Today still nothing beats genuine leather ball, but it only applies if you play indoor in professional court, otherwise this ball will be useless. If you play outside using not appropriate ball you won’t get good grip and other characteristics. Also, the ball will wear out quickly.

Learn to concentrate attention for game winning shots

free throwSubject about which the speech – concentration of attention will go today. As the attention and will power are closely interconnected, working on concentration, you will develop thereby and strong-willed qualities. For a start let’s check how the situation with concentration is at you.

Take hours with a second hand. Relax. Now you watch closely the movement of a second hand and be not distracted by foreign thoughts. As soon as switch to something else – look what is the time you held on. Good result – 2 minutes.

If there are no hours with a second hand – it is possible to take electronic. Choose there the timer with an hour hand and to put it for 2 minutes.
If the result does not suit you – it is possible to work over itself. For this purpose, I publish a number of the exercises recommended by the American psychologist John William Atkinson.
The first condition of concentration consists in ability to eliminate foreign thoughts, sound and visual impressions, to destroy a carelessness and to receive complete control over a body and reason. The body surely has to be under direct control of reason, and reason – under direct control of will. As I already spoke above, these two concepts are very closely connected.

The first exercise – it surely should learn to be done in perfection before passing to the subsequent – it is expressed in monitoring muscular movements. It, at first sight, can seem very simple, but if you try to execute it, then you will understand that you have to still much learn. The following exercises will render you huge advantage at acquisition of complete control by you over muscles. Lets go to exercises that will help for sure. Continue reading “Learn to concentrate attention for game winning shots”

Become a leader on court

Juan Carlos NavarroIf you resolved to become a leader, then first of all begin with statement of the purpose. Agree when your purpose is washed a little away and is not concertized, you will not achieve result, at least, positive. The purpose has to be determined by time, accurate and achievable.

Having set the purpose, will important decide on criterion of the advance (the played minutes, the gathered points, the trainer’s praises, etc.). Remember that hurriedly the purpose cannot almost be taken. Prepare for slow progress. Also, do not forget to fix even the most, apparently, insignificant progress, subsequently they will become additional motivation.

Try to create the diary as to work with it, I already spoke in the last materials.

Remember that your progress will cause reaction in people around. It will be good if express you support. But you have to understand that the advance you will leave someone from partners without playing time sooner or later. Therefore, intrigues are possible. In advance think over the one who and as will react to it.

Look for new opportunities. Usually, trying to come to new, better level, the basketball player cannot break a psychological barrier. It is connected with the last level which constantly pulls back. It is difficult, but is quite surmountable, especially, for the real leader!

Well and the most important – learn from other basketball players!

In the termination, I want to offer you on performance the following exercise:

  • Tell the names of three leaders which it was necessary to face in life.
  • Give a leadership assessment to each of them (well, well, badly).
  • Specify characteristics of each of them.
  • Choose three characteristics at everyone which anyway influenced your choice.

Also place emphasis on these characteristics, develop them.

On it, actually, we will also finish our occupations. I hope, to you it was interesting and informative them to study. It would be especially pleasant to me if you followed the example from my book, became better, quicker, stronger! Good luck to you in workouts also you love basketball in yourself, but not yourself in basketball.

How to be more aggressive basketball player

agressive basketballWe welcome all admirers of basketball and Almeria team fans. Allow to give to you couple of advice today how to play more rigidly if you decide to become more aggressive basketball player.

Each player in own way to seek to be aggressive on the basketball platform, however it is worth not to forgetting about an opportunity to receive the next prevention from the arbitrator.

Of course, the aggressive behavior on the platform is not approved by fans of sport, it is fraught with big troubles for the player, but desire to be active in basketball sometimes pushes players to behave rigidly.

The most aggressive basketball players often play better on any of the floor. Naturally, during the game you have to control the aggression to avoid injuries and removal from a game.

  • Step 1 – Be not afraid to select a ball under a basket after an unrealized throw. Actions at the front line often lead to a foul and violation of the rules. Try to evade from mistakes at selection of a ball at the rival.
  • Step 2 – The correct position of a body during game actions is a starting point of an aggressive game. At the time of approach or defense your knees have to be slightly bent, the straight line back, and the head lifted.
  • Step 3 – The physical contact is a part of a game under the name basketball so do not evade from it. To face players of opposite team and even with own team mate is a commonplace in basketball.

Do not forget to use correctly the physical abilities to protect themselves from possible injuries. When you conduct a ball, your opposite shoulder has to be turned towards the rival to prevent a rigid foul during defense of a ball.

And finally couple more of advice from our basketball blog. Be aggressive especially on the second floor, but always leave the emotions under control, follow rules contrary to all desires.

You remember the correct rack, it will help you to react to actions of team of rivals quicker. Do not hesitate to take the initiative, be active and uniform with the team.

5 Well Known Past Basketball Players of the world

Well rehearsed and exact throws, harmonious team game and ability to move quickly on the sports ground – the most important qualities for the basketball player. Plus to everything, growth, good physical training – all this what the best basketball players of the world possess. In our today’s publication we want to acquaint you with the best representatives of basketball who declared themselves in NBA and other leagues. So, the best-known basketball players of the world, give we will get acquainted with them closer. Continue reading “5 Well Known Past Basketball Players of the world”