Become a leader on court

Juan Carlos NavarroIf you resolved to become a leader, then first of all begin with statement of the purpose. Agree when your purpose is washed a little away and is not concertized, you will not achieve result, at least, positive. The purpose has to be determined by time, accurate and achievable.

Having set the purpose, will important decide on criterion of the advance (the played minutes, the gathered points, the trainer’s praises, etc.). Remember that hurriedly the purpose cannot almost be taken. Prepare for slow progress. Also, do not forget to fix even the most, apparently, insignificant progress, subsequently they will become additional motivation.

Try to create the diary as to work with it, I already spoke in the last materials.

Remember that your progress will cause reaction in people around. It will be good if express you support. But you have to understand that the advance you will leave someone from partners without playing time sooner or later. Therefore, intrigues are possible. In advance think over the one who and as will react to it.

Look for new opportunities. Usually, trying to come to new, better level, the basketball player cannot break a psychological barrier. It is connected with the last level which constantly pulls back. It is difficult, but is quite surmountable, especially, for the real leader!

Well and the most important – learn from other basketball players!

In the termination, I want to offer you on performance the following exercise:

  • Tell the names of three leaders which it was necessary to face in life.
  • Give a leadership assessment to each of them (well, well, badly).
  • Specify characteristics of each of them.
  • Choose three characteristics at everyone which anyway influenced your choice.

Also place emphasis on these characteristics, develop them.

On it, actually, we will also finish our occupations. I hope, to you it was interesting and informative them to study. It would be especially pleasant to me if you followed the example from my book, became better, quicker, stronger! Good luck to you in workouts also you love basketball in yourself, but not yourself in basketball.