Brief basketballs classification guide

In order that the basketball served you longer, it, as well as many other types of sports equipment, demands due leaving and observance of service conditions. From these factors, as however, and the term of its service in many respects depends on intensity of use of a ball.

Service conditions are understood, first of all, as type and properties of a covering of the playground and weather conditions.

The basic standard classification of basketballs depending on service conditions is as follows:

  • INDOOR – balls are intended for a game in the hall, as a rule, these are the professional models made from natural or composite (modified, improved synthetic) leather;
  • OUTDOOR – the balls recommended for a game on open sports grounds (basketball, etc.). Practically all OUTDOOR balls are made from rubber;
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR – balls are intended for a game both on the street, and in the hall. As a rule, it is the amateur balls and balls for practice made from synthetic leather;
  • ALL SURFACE – balls of this group are almost identical to balls of the INDOOR/OUTDOOR group (hall/street), with only that difference that they can be made also of rubber better are suitable for a game on very rigid coverings (cinder platforms, it is possible, but it is extremely undesirable asphalt);
  • ALL SURFACE/OUTDOOR – universal balls from rubber or synthetic leather for the indoor hall and the street.

It is necessary to understand that the materials used in production of a ball, options of a design of a ball and technical characteristics caused by it are selected under specific conditions of operation. Therefore, attentively study information on the best basketball you can get, find out and ask for information on what surfaces it is possible to use this model, so choose the appropriate balls for each condition is a must if you want to enjoy them for longer periods.

Besides, surely pay attention to the ball size, it can be No. 7 (standard men’s), No. 6 (standard women’s, youthful) or No. 5 (standard children’s).

In spite of the fact that in most cases for production of the balls suitable for a game on the street, special materials, our recommendation, steady against attrition, are used – do not play on asphalt platforms, after all asphalt – too aggressive type of a covering which it is considerable, by 2-3 times, reduces basketball service life.

One of stages of the production technology of basketballs except for rubber – gluing of panels on reinforced (wound by thread for preservation of a form) the ball camera. Therefore, in order to avoid peeling of panels it is not recommended to use balls from genuine, composite and synthetic leather in adverse weather conditions (a rain, snow, slush, high humidity and temperature). Besides, basketballs in principle are not intended for a game at temperatures below 0 °C.

shooting basketball

9 shooting workout tips from Jay Wolf

In this article, we will talk about one of the major basketball elements – shooting. And even not just about a shoot, and how to achieve essential increase in accuracy of the shots, at the same time cardinally without having changed their structure, that is – without being retrained.

Of course, the correct shoot, or to tell “a classical shoot from a forehead” it abruptly, correctly and beautifully more precisely. However, as it seems to me, not how you shoot and as far as these shots are effective is important. If it is difficult to cover your shoot, and it regularly gets to a ring – it is not necessary cardinally to change anything: look at the shooting style of Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Ray Allen. All of them threw differently that did not prevent to hammer perfectly; so – draw conclusions.
Councils which you will read below are Jay Wolfe’s recommendations – the specialist in improvement of shots, the organizer of summer sports centers, the owner of the StarShooter company, more about it you can read on his website – And now, as a matter of fact, the councils divided into 2 parts:

  • how to improve shots from a near distance;
  • how to improve shots from an average distance and from a long range (3-point shots).

Improvement of shots from a near distance and from under the hoop

All shots from a short distance as on the right, and to the left of a basket, have to be carried out with a rebound from a board and an aiming mark.

In principle – nothing new, all trainings of shots at each sports school also begin with it: learn to shoot from a board, at the same time the ball has to concern the top corner of the “square” drawn over a ring. The ball has to concern softly this corner (we remember about the return rotation of a ball at a shoot) and to jump aside in a basket. To concentrate attention shooting on an aiming mark it is possible to paste a badge of dollar or the picture of a sight there. You remember: the board is your best ally, surely learn to shoot with a rebound from it.

Work pure shots from under a ring and pure shots with a rebound from a board from second “shot moustaches”.

So, we understand. The pure shoot is a shoot at which the ball falls to a basket, without concerning the ring. To achieve such shoot, it is necessary to shoot very softly, with the return rotation, finishing a brush. Such shots demand from the basketball player of extreme concentration of attention and change of a trajectory. So, we do 5 shots from under a ring in a row, of which have to be 3 pure. If it is very simple – that add quantity of shots to 10, trying to execute everything purely. Shots can be carried out with a rebound from a board, but the ball should not concern the hoop of a ring. Shoot down a challenge to yourself – and with honor pass this test!

Improvements of shots from an average and long range

Again, we carry out pure shots: 5 shots in a row from one point.

By the way, for me pure shots are a big problem: feature of my shoot is that I as if load a distant handle, “having struck” whom, the ball falls down. But here the problem – if a ring is a little higher habitual, then almost all balls go to a near handle, and so far, I will get used – I smear much.

This task allows to develop the stable accuracy of a shoot. Five shots in a row promote improvement of accuracy, the form is bright, ongoing efforts, a trajectory – all this has to be identical and all the time repeat. Pure shots force “to lift up” a trajectory, and it is good too: it is more difficult to cover them and, as a rule, at a ring contact the ball will fall down in a basket. And still: the high trajectory generates a short rebound for which it will be simpler to fight to partners.

Execute several penalty shots in a row before leaving the platform (training).

Such course will allow to repeat all elements of a shoot again and develops confidence in the forces. After a shoot you select a ball, come back to the line of a penalty shot – and again carry out a shoot. It is important to repeat all that routine which occurs before penalty shots in a game. In order that is even more realistic to recreate a game situation simply add breakthroughs to exercise: threw a ball, executed breakthrough behind a ball (to the middle of the hall, etc.) again returned to the line – threw. Players can be stimulated with a certain competitive effect: who will spend more time for performance of 5 (7, 10) executed penalties in a row – runs, is wrung out, brings the partner to a locker room, etc.

Carry out 200 free throw shots daily for 5 days, or 500 in the first day and on 200 in the next 4 days. Purpose: 25/25 shots from which 15 will be pure.

Here it is necessary to understand that you need at least 1 partner who “will bring kernels”. In America, of course, it is not a problem, there are personnel which receive money for such services. And here at us – it will be more difficult, it is necessary to look for adherents. As Jay Wolfe claims, such series of shots will help to perfect a shoot form, the moment of deflation of a ball and a trajectory; and still – will increase accuracy 3-point shots. Besides, according to Wolf, 100 shots will take 15 minutes.

I somehow tried to abandon such series of penalties. Technology of performance at me such: I squat a little, then straightening legs and straightening the case at the same time I straighten hands. As soon as the body completely is unbent (I also on socks get up) – the ball is issued. It turns out – as if one movement. And so, calves from such rises quickly began to hurt, hands were tired, and the brush refused to tighten up a ball. But some results after all appeared so exercise is useful, even very much.

Define places from which you most often carry out shots in games – and work “crown points”, carrying out at least 5 pure shots in a row from these points.

I already wrote about it in article about ways of development of a shoot (The training is bright in basketball), it turned out not absolutely such as I represented her in the head, but all the same she is very informative and useful.

Train a shoot on correctly marked platform, in correctly marked board. The platform has to have correctly marked 3-point line.

And again, I will a little complain: why in our country everything I do those people who I do not know how it has to be? Why the basketball marking is put by people who never played basketball and do not know what is the front line? As a result – she passes under a forward handle of a ring. And “three” – why on the right she 6 meters, and at the left more than 7? Why?

So – try to choose good platforms with correct a marking. And still remark: it is at first very difficult to shoot with a rebound from a board if the board – streetball, i.e. is much less standard.

Hold hands after a shoot, as if seeing off a ball in a basket until it reaches there.

Here it should be noted what in the video about a shoot, legendary to Pete Maravich recommends not to hold the recorded brush, and to wave as if 2-3 times after a ball, repeating a final stage of work of a brush.

And once again about a type of a shoot: a good shoot, is that which in 60% of cases is not covered with the rival and reaches a basket.

The sense is that carrying out such shooting workouts, you will be able to develop in yourself confidence and to increase stability of a shoot. And the belief in what now you will be able to hammer is very abrupt piece.

One more little advice personally from me: visualization is a piece which really works (somehow, I will write about her in the context of development of skills of a shoot, dribbling, development of muscles, etc.). So, if at ball deflation towards a ring you mentally represent how it to fall to a ring, pleasantly having rustled with a grid – the percent of realization can increase. The main thing is to trust!

And on it I finish, I wish you successful workouts and accurate shots! Good luck, and prior to fast meetings on pages of our website.