How to pick a good GYM for workouts

Hello, dear visitors of our website! In today’s article I want to touch upon a fitness subject as one of the best ways to shape up in the shortest possible time. Besides, fitness classes can act as a cardio training, – an excellent way of development of endurance.

And if you seriously decided to make toilet, then search of good fitness club will be the first step on the way to improvement of the physical shape. Here how to look for it and by what parameters to be guided at the choice we and we will talk in this material.

Having analyzed a number of publications on the Internet, and also having analyzed experience of search of sports clubs for individual workouts, I created a number of key parameters by which it is necessary to be guided first of all. So, here they:

  • Professional level of the instructor, trainer;
  • Quality and number (variety) of exercise machines;
  • Cost of disposable campaigns and monthly subscriptions;
  • Internal atmosphere and service (approach to clients);
  • Variety of basic programs for trainings, and possibility of selection of the individual program.

Now let’s dwell upon each of the listed above points.

Professional level of the instructor, trainer. It is, probably, the most important indicator of quality of any sports club. Level of professionalism of personnel which will plan and control your trainings is directly connected with safety of training process and with efficiency of each given classes. Ideal option if each employee has a professional education (the diploma of institute of physical culture) and at least a year of practical experience.

Still an important point in qualification of the trainer: existence not only profile knowledge (that how and when to do), but also knowledge of sports medicine which will become necessary in cases of emergence of disputable situations with physical activities or at microinjuries of athletes.

Quality and number (variety) of exercise machines. By the way to estimate this parameter much more simply, than previous. So, key moments: in the hall there have to be at enough exercise machines for cardio trainings: the racetrack, orbitrek, cross-exercise machines, exercise bikes, simulators rowed, etc. Further, the power equipment which will allow to develop all complex of your muscles effectively.

All exercise machines have to be greased, to look pure and in general, to inspire trust the appearance. Naturally, near each group of exercise machines has to there is an instructor who if necessary (and without her too) has to explain technology of performance of this or that exercise, define degree of loading and frequency of performance of repetitions.

Cost of trainings. Here it is necessary to define for itself the following at once: very low prices are poor quality of service in 99%. You for hours will wait for the trainer, and his explanations will keep within a couple of minutes. Very high prices – not always guarantee of quality. As a rule, very high prices are a payment for image; many are proud of the fact that in their hall pumped up muscles … In principle, substitute any known surname. So – we reject the most expensive too.

Means, we need the hall of average price category which provides the club card, monthly subscriptions and discounts for group workouts. One more slippery moment is a payment of additional services. Few times I heard a story about how having paid for the monthly subscription of “all inclusive”, at the first visit it became clear that a shower, the sauna, the pool is, etc. paid separately. Here it “all inclusive”. So, buying club cards in fitness club attentively study: what you receive for your money.

Internal atmosphere and service. For check of adequacy of personnel, you come to club and ask to consult you on the interesting type questions: what halls for trainings, what exercise machines whether it is possible to look at them, etc. are.

It is also important to learn: to what time of day least of all people when the pool, shower, a sauna and other support services is free go. The contingent which is present at the hall is also important: they are how friendly on the relation to each other.

Summarizing this point, I will tell the following: the good atmosphere of trainings – guarantee of high efficiency, the best training is that to which there is a wish to come back and back.

Programs of trainings: basic and individual. I will tell an example. One my friend registered in occupations in gym in which it was given the program of exercises at once. The problem is in what he was not told to warm up (a warming up and an extension of muscles) – and next day he was hurt by everything! On the one hand – he is guilty, perfectly knew that he will be after the training of cold muscles. With another – where the instructor looked?

And so, it is important that in good fitness studio there were various programs of trainings calculated on different levels of training trained. It is important that at the program there was some aerobics (yes, be not surprised, it is actively used at development of the general physical endurance of basketball players), yoga (is more detailed about importance of yoga in the article “Yoga for Basketball Players”), water fitness programs (I often see trainings in pools at such monsters of basketball as Wade, James, Durant), Pilates, etc.

Well and it is natural, the choice of the program directly depends on a goal: set of muscle bulk or dropping weight, development of flexibility, endurance or speed. Generally – everything depends on your workout tasks.